Journal Finder

You can now access Wiley's Journal Finder Beta, please click here to access the service!

The purpose of the Journal Finder application is to help an author to find journals best matched article’s subject. A common supported use case is when an author needs to find a journal for an article based on its subject to be published in, or an article gets rejected by a journal and the author wants to find other appropriate journals to send the article for consideration.

Also Journal Finder shows categories assigned to a journal according to Wiley subject taxonomy and opens a way to develop categorization tool for it.

An author is presented with an option to select how to submit article’s text to explore journals. Application returns a list of journals sorted by ranked similarity. Behind the screen the application enriches the submitted article using Luxid followed by similarity calculation based on data obtained from the Knowledge Store.

One caveat is the Journal Finder is NOT a search tool. To return meaningful results back a provided text needs to be at least 1000 characters long; otherwise, a confirmation message will be shown. This is a configurable number and subject to change once the application is started to be used by real customers.